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False Advertising
Hey, it’s Jen here from False Advertising – we’re a grunge influenced trio that formed two years ago in Manchester, UK. I’m writing this mid-boring train ride between my old home of Oxford and Manchester, a journey that seems to get longer every time.

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks for us as we’ve recently put out our debut album ‘False Advertising’. After working on it on and off for about a year, you can imagine how happy we are that it’s out there. It’s eleven tracks are full of fuzzy, loud, bitter-sweet guitar noise – check our video for Dozer, or head on over to Spotify to give it a listen. Imagine if Royal Blood played Pavement covers and sometimes had a female singer, we’re a bit like that.

I suppose our band is unique in a few ways. Firstly, we have no fixed front person, with Chris and I swapping between Guitar, Vocals, and Drums as we feel like it. Secondly, we recorded our album before playing any gigs, which is a bit strange. Thirdly, everything we’ve done so far has been 100% DIY; everything including the music production, artwork and videos have all been done by Chris, Josh and I. Balanced of-course alongside our day jobs.

Why so DIY? One day Chris and I naively decided ‘we have all the skills we need to make an album happen’ and it was this thought that drove us to start writing the songs. It was only a few months into the process that we realised we had to up our game considerably or risk a lacklustre sounding album. This gradual learning process was all part of the intense fun (or pain, I forget which).

So what’s next, you ask? Without giving a you a really boring answer (touring, growing our fanbase, etc etc), the rest of this year will all be about establishing ourselves in the UK in every way imaginable, plus getting ready to get back in the studio and start the thrilling album ordeal all over again in the new year. We also have an vivid SXSW dream that one day needs to be realised, we’re trying to get visas and everything!


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