Getting Cozy With: Graces

In Summer 2015 in a small garage studio Graces began. Up until that point 2015 had been the worst year of my life; things weren’t looking up. Graces is my attempt to turn things around, write the music I always wanted to write, and create the band I’d always wanted to hear.

The plan is this, to make music informed by my love of cinema, melodramatic, youthful, vibrant and spirited. Essentially pop music for those people who are a little awkward and a little complicated but still love to dance and scream their voices away like everyone else. Songs about restlessness, growing up and the volatility  of young adulthood coupled with an atmospheric aesthetic that makes it more than just music.

Once the EP comes out there will be live shows, another EP to follow EP 1 and a continual building of this project I’m calling Graces.  For now take a listen to these songs and make your own mind up; it is pop music but with a lot more to offer than just that. You’re gonna dig it, I promise.

Get it while it’s hot. Get it while it’s still a secret.

– Steve


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