10 reasons to love The Libertines’ new record “Anthems for Doomed Youth”

The Libertines
The Libertines are a rock band from London, formed in the 90s by Pete Doherty and Carl Barât. This album, Anthems for Doomed Youth, is their first release since 2004. The record was produced in Thailand by Jake Gosling (background info: Jake has worked with One Direction, Ed Sheeran so you could say The Libertines were a change in scenery).

Their reputation has been regained and the anthems from the reformed band has hit me and everyone else.

The Libertines did reunite last year to play Hyde Park and Alexandra Palace, both being great venues and from reviews and photos I’ve seen, they entertained and impressed crowds of many. Now, to the album.


The Libertines — Anthems for Doomed Youth

(How to describe my life in 4 words right now, well 2 “DOOMED YOUTH”)

1. First single released from the album: Gunga Din, my favourite lyrics being “Woke up again to my evil twin the mirror is ugly and I’m sick and tired of looking at him”. I love these lyrics because I feel like we all get to a point where were not happen with our appearance but still rock ‘n’ roll with it.

2. In one track you can actually hear the waves breaking against the shore in Bang Saray (Thailand).

3. My favorite tracks being Track 2 Gunga Din, Track 5 You’re My Waterloo, and Track 16 (on the deluxe album 7) Deadly Sins.

4. The Libertines took themselves and all of us by storm and I am glad they have reclaimed their reputation, not that you ever stop listening to their old songs. Because come on, everyone needs songs like Can’t Stand Me Now in their life.

5. Track meaning : Heart Of The Matter (Track 8) : “With all the battering it’s taken, I’m surprised it’s still ticking” – “it” being either The Libertines or Pete’s junkie years, the track also being devoted to the uncertain situation they are in.

6. I haven’t stopped listening to the album since it came out.

7. Pete only started playing guitar to impress a girl he fancied called Emily.

8. I feel like the fact that it’s a record by The Libertines should be a valid reason.

9. I love the start of Track 15 Lust of The Libertines, I am leaving that one there so you have to find out for yourself and feel free to share your own opinion in the comments below.

10. Anthems Of Doomed Youth, even though maybe not the world’s most perfect album, it’s one that shows off the band’s ability to write fantastic songs that I and hopefully you want to listen to all over again.


I hope these 10 reasons convince you to listen to The Libertines, and if you’re a fan already, good on you. However, if this is your first time listening to The Libertines, give them a chance. I adore The Libertines.

Review by Senna Hamilton | @_ssenna

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