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HUSKYI’m writing from my courtyard in Melbourne, Australia. A new moon’s hanging in the sky to the west. Pete Seger’s playing on the stereo and I’m about to go to bed and try to sleep off my jet lag. My name’s Husky Gawenda, hence our band name Husky. My cousin Gideon Preiss and I have been making music together for the last 6 years and we’ve just finished up a year and half or so of touring for our second album. We arrived home a few days ago from 7 months away. We were based in Berlin and toured all over Europe and spent a little time in America too.
Our latest album is called Ruckers Hill. It’s kind of a folk album, but with plenty of drums and electric guitar and keyboards of all kinds. Gideon is the keyboard master. I play guitar and sing and we love harmonies. We grew up on guys like Simon and Garfunkel, Beach Boys, America, so lots of harmonies. Also stuff like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Led Zeppelin.

Ruckers Hill is an album about the road and about home and about love and about dreams and, well I guess it’s hard to say really. I suppose you need to hear it. But I wrote a lot of the songs about some things that happened to me when I was living right near a place called Ruckers Hill, in Melbourne. I often walked at night to the top of the hill there and watched Melbourne twinkling in the distance. Cities look so beautiful from afar – especially at night. No matter how dirty or rough they are. Melbourne’s a relatively kind city though. A good city I think. Lots of great music and plenty of adventures to be had here. It’s been a good place to grow up as a writer and musician.

We’ve been writing on the road and in our down time in Berlin. We’re starting to work towards a new record and will do some recording whenever we find ourselves some time off the road. In the meantime, hopefully we’ll see you out there somewhere soon. And take a listen to our songs. Hope you like them.

Warm wishes from Australia,

Husky Gawenda


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