Gimme Your Answers 4: A Video Interview w/ Steel Panther

I recently shared with our AMBY viewers that we’re interviewing one of my all-time favourite bands, Steel Panther. It was totally bitchin’ sitting down with their frontman Michael Starr as I travelled from Toronto to London to catch the band’s performance at The London Music Hall. It was a surreal experience interviewing a band I love this much and I can easily say that this interview is a highlight of my career. I’m so proud that AMBY allows me and my staff to have experiences like this with the bands we love. With that said, AMBY is pleased to share with everyone our exclusive interview with Steel Panther — dive into the hilarious video as we discuss getting fucked up, border checks, favourite wardrobe pieces, STD deflecting spandex, loving Van Halen, pranking each other, stage fights, and his beloved band members.

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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