You’ve GOT to See This: Flint Eastwood – “Small Victories”

Flint Eastwood
Detroit’s Flint Eastwood has finally released her latest EP, ‘Small Victories’ and it is something extra special. This masterfully crafted work of music is fully charged with inspired lyrics and addictive pop hooks that will make you feel really good about your life. Sometimes it takes a few listens to appreciate an album for all it has to offer but ‘Small Victories’ started off strong at first listen and continues to delight even after being played on repeat pretty much since the moment it came out.

With ‘Small Victories’, singer-songwriter Jax Anderson badassedly takes her place among the likes of other female alt-pop artists such as Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES and Lorde. The influences of these kick-ass female singers can be noted in her music; however, Anderson has cultivated her own big sound which stands on its own as quintessential Flint Eastwood.

The album begins with the affecting ‘Find What You’re Looking For – which is a chilling, yet oddly comforting, song that will leave you feeling like everything is destined to work out if you just keep living your truth. With lines like “Follow your heart / And there you’ll find a home” and “The road less travelled on / Is where you find what you’re looking for” the opening track carries an important message that most, if not all of us can draw inspiration from. The theme of perseverance emerges gently in this track and carries forward throughout the album, coming to a glorious head in the title track, “Small Victories”, as Anderson sings “I’m a Champion” to a melody that will make you dance the night away in new-found glory. ‘Glitches’, which I opine to be the stand out track on this album, is pretty damn near perfect. Eloquent, creative lyrics coupled with clean, bass-y music that is both delicate and hard hitting; Anderson grinding through it like a champion. I have played Glitches every day on repeat since it came out and it just keeps getting better.

The songs on ‘Small Victories’ are extremely personal. Anderson, a firm believer that “the best art is honest art” has been candid with fans that these songs have helped her cope with the passing of her mother and allowed her to “sift through her thoughts”. That being said, she graciously offers these songs up to the rest of us saying “I want these songs to be an open conversation for anyone who has gone through the same thing or really anything in life….. That’s what being a human being is all about; finding that community”. The themes – loss of loved ones, loss of self, perseverance and overcoming adversity are easy for us, as humans, to relate to. This honesty is what makes ‘Small Victories’ so special; it is a hand to help you along, a friend that understands you.

Small Victories is a very cohesive and well laid-out album. It is evident that Anderson and her collaborators, including musical genius Seth Anderson, took meticulous care in the selection and placement of each track. The flow and direction reminded me immediately of Lorde’s Pure Heroine – another album that takes you on a journey from start to finish. To maximize the impact of Small Victories I recommend disabling your shuffle setting and following the journey it will take you on.

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what makes an album so special, but with this one it is extremely easy. ‘Small Victories’ is 100% killer pop sound heavy in authenticity and truth. It will cause you to throw your hands up and dance while inspiring you to keep on keeping on. I am so grateful for ‘Small Victories’ and I think you will be too.


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Review by Heather Cook | @Outroupistache1

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