10 Must-Have Tracks for Travelling

10 Must-Have Tracks for Travelling
With festival season quickly approaching, many music lovers will be hitting the road in the near future. What better way to enjoy a road trip than with a playlist of amazing music? I’ve come up with 10 must-have tracks that can add to the fun of your upcoming travel adventures. From Cage the Elephant to Of Monsters and Men, this playlist is sure to hold a special song for everyone’s music taste. Keep in mind these songs are in no particular order, and enjoy the playlist at the bottom of the piece.

#1 Our Own House – MisterWives

This upbeat song is perfect to sing along to, especially when it’s blasted in the car. With over 32 million plays on Spotify making it their 2nd most listened to song, it is safe to say it won’t disappoint. This American indie pop band consists of six members and has many noteworthy songs, including Vagabond which was the opening theme of the MTV teen drama Finding Carter. You can find MisterWives on many festival line ups this year including Bonnaroo, Bottlerock, and The Governors Ball.

#2 Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

This heart wrenching song has been around since 2004, and in my mind, it’s considered a classic. The melody of this song is so beautifully written and I find myself tearing up when I listen to it. I included this song in the playlist because the lyrics explore going somewhere unknown, much like traveling. Keane is an English rock band that was formed in 1995 which includes four members. Something very interesting about this band is they are known as “the band without guitars” because they only use a piano as their lead instrument.

#3 Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

Interestingly enough, I first discovered this song while I was playing Guitar Hero Live. It really stuck in my mind! I downloaded it and continued to listen to it endlessly. It’s optimistic vibe is infectious, without a doubt. Prepare to be humming this song all day long. Of Monsters and Men is a popular indie-folk band originating from Iceland. This band has been featured in tracks for movies and TV shows such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Walking Dead. Their number one single “Little Talks” was a chart topper in many countries; it even reached number one in Ireland and the US alternative charts.

#4 Victoria – Jukebox the Ghost

Next up is a song that most people most likely haven’t heard before. The piano thoughout this song never fails to put me in a cheery mood. The lyrics are very thought-provoking and they tell a story, a quality I always look for in songs. Jukebox the Ghost is a pop band from the DC metro area. In the beginning of 2015, the band announced that they had signed with a new label, Cherrytree Records. Soon after, they re-released their self titled album under their new label.

#5 Mess Around – Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant has always been one of my favorite bands, and their new album “Tell Me I’m Pretty” is incredible. The song I’ve been loving most from this album is “Mess Around.” The playful vibe of this song makes it very endearing and it is definitely one that should be added to your playlist. The band has been around since 2006 and they are known for their eclectic sound and energetic performances. Their album Melophobia earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album. They have a distinct music identity and a large following in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

#6 Ferrari – The Neighbourhood (Video Interview)

I had the pleasure of seeing The Neighbourhood live last year and I developed an even further appreciation for their music. Their second album Wiped Out! was released in October 2015. This album took the alternative music world by storm. The idiosyncratic sound of this album makes it stand out from the rest. I have many favorites from this album, but the one that seemed to fit this playlist is “Ferarri.” This song has a tranquil feel and it is perfect to listen to in the car. The NBHD has had many great accomplishments from performing their lead single “Sweater Weather” on Jimmy Kimmel Live to going on multiple tours all over the world.

#7 Holy Ghost – BØRNS (Video Interview)

Continuing on, we have one of my all-time favorite artists, BØRNS. I have so much love for BØRNS’ music and also him as a person. His angelic voice is remarkable and will leave you wanting to hear more. BØRNS first studio album, “Dopamine,” was released in October 2015. The harmonious songs on this album are out of this world. It was difficult for me to choose just one to put on this playlist because I have fallen in love with all of them. Holy Ghost is produced so flawlessly and it fit perfectly into this playlist. BØRNS got his start playing alongside MisterWives and accompanying Charli XCX and Bleachers on tour. Fast forward to 2016, and he is on the Coachella lineup. BØRNS has made so much progress as an artist and hopefully he will continue to get the recognition that he deserves.

#8 Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel

Saint Motel is an indie band from Los Angeles that produces music categorized as dream pop. “My Type” is the band’s most well-known song, followed by “Cold Cold Man,” both of which appear on their My Type EP. But for this playlist I thought I would include one from their album Voyeur called “Puzzle Pieces.” I feel as if the members of this band have stepped out of a different century, as their music has vibes of 1980’s synth. Their quirky sound will make you want to dance.

#9 It’s Strange – Louis the Child

This endearing song is filled with beautifully produced beats and vocals by K.Flay. The melodies create a calm, cool sensation. This song will create an unforgettable energy when listened to on your next road trip. Louis the Child is a duo featuring Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren. Together they have created some catchy songs that should not be left unlistened as well as a distinct aesthetic.

#10 Traveling Song – Ryn Weaver (Video Interview)

To end off this playlist, I thought I would throw in a song who’s title holds true to the name of this piece. “Traveling Song” is filled with alluring melodic harmonies that will leave you with a heavy heart. Ryn Weaver is an American singer and songwriter who first gained recognition through her single OctaHate which was released in June 2014. Her album The Fool was released June 2015.  Ryn’s captivating soul and unique style is sure to win you over.

Piece by Jade DiCarlo | @shades0fjade

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