Review: Sundara Karma and Pale Waves @ The Leadmill – Sheffield

Sundara Karma’s single ‘Flame’ exceeded over a million streams in less than two weeks following its release. Now their latest offering ‘A Young Understanding’ and  a string of sell out performances, ensures this flame still burns exceptionally bright.

Entering a sold out Leadmill – the significantly smaller second room – the buzz surrounding the band was immediately evident. Sometimes you find yourself wondering into a room that’s set to take off no matter how staggering a performance may be, and in this case it seemed that a string quartet would be all that was needed to send the mound of teenagers bouncing. That being said, Supporting acts Pale Waves and Beach Baby certainly appeared to make the most of their warm up slots, showcasing their uniquely dissimilar sounds. Pale Waves mooch around stage bringing their ‘reverb n glitter’ genre as the room begins to fill, as for Beach Baby, they flutter through psyche indie pop that feels as though it’s been given a few drinks and left out in the sun.

Sundara Karma seem now to be moving away from the messier and earlier ‘Indigo Puff’. The likes of ‘A Young Understanding’ see’s a more polished and refined sound trembling the room. It may appear slightly more commercialised, but still, it retains those abundantly intelligent lyrics that are combined with catchy instrumental arrangements. ‘Flame’ is as expected, a reliable crowd pleaser and puts the crew put to work as they struggle to push amps back as part of the crowd begin to surge forward and spill on stage.

Returning for a short encore, ‘Love Blood’ steals the spotlight, bringing their chaotic set to a deservedly climatic end. If there’s one thing that’s evident from Sundara Karma’s performance in Sheffield is that it beckons greater things. Their progression and now distinguished sound begs for a larger audience and as for their capacity to create an atmosphere you’ll remember for weeks, well, The Leadmill can surely vouch for that.



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