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Gosh Pith
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Long-lost childhood friends and Detroit music duo Gosh Pith first made a song together on the same day they reconnected in college. The released their debut album, Windows, in 2015 and have shared stages with Griz, Odesza, Vic Mensa and more; fast forward to the release of their Gold Chain EP which has gained international attention and dazzled both new and OG fans alike. Their music continues to transcend genre and eliminate barriers, layering smooth beats, wiry guitar, dreamlike vocals and tight trap to make you feel like you’re taking a hot air balloon through the best dream you’ve ever had. We caught up with Gosh Pith before their show at The Cave to chat about the Gold Chain EP, chocolate merch, keeping it real and making music without barriers.

AMBY: Hey Josh and Josh of Gosh Pith. How are you guys doing tonight?

Josh Freed: Really good.

Josh Smith: Splendid.

AMBY: Splendid! First of all, I want to congratulate you – your Gold Chain EP dropped yesterday! This is your first release on vinyl, it’s such a good record, there’s a lot to be excited about.

JF: Thank you!

AMBY: You’re welcome. How are you guys feeling about the release?

JS: It feels good to get it out there into the world and have people hear it but I still think it hasn’t really hit yet because we’ve just been so busy.

JF: Yea, these are songs we’ve been working on and had in the can for a while now; it’s good that people can finally hear them.

AMBY: It’s cool, as fans, for us to receive it now, because there has literally been hype from everywhere from Stereogum to SPIN and it’s been so highly anticipated.  For those just starting to listen to Gosh Pith, how would you describe the vibe of the Gold Chain EP?

JS: The vibe is crepuscular

JF: We kinda just describe it as a vibe; we don’t really go any deeper than that

JS: Yea, it’s on some twilight shit; like, not the movie, the lighting at night kinda twilight. Like, you don’t know if it’s 7am or 6pm. We just dive in deep with everything we do.

AMBY: So the album is the vibe itself

JF & JS: Yea

AMBY: Cool.  You just arrived here from Detroit; it’s a pretty boring drive, lots of wind turbines.

JS: [Laughs] Yea!

JF: [Laughs] There are a lot of wind turbines. We’ve done the drive so many times, it’s an easy drive.

AMBY: What was on your playlist for the ride?

JF: See, the thing is we have no phone connection here so we just had to go deep into the archives of what was already on our phones

JS: No Spotify…

JF: Yea, no streaming.

JS: We heard a lot of good stuff though – the new Rihanna album, King Krule, Archy Marshall, Mura Masa (both records), a little Bryson Tiller…. Did we listen to Junior Boys?

JF: No, we talked about Junior Boys. That was the one CD we brought with us but we didn’t get to it. Actually on the way up we tweeted @juniorboys and they hollered back at us which made us feel really good; they’re one of our favourite bands, ever.

AMBY: That does feel good.  Toronto is your second stop on your 15-stop tour; are you guys going anywhere you’ve never been before?

JF: A bunch of places! We’re going to New York, which we’ve been too a bunch of times, but after that pretty much every stop is new

JS: Some places we’ve never even visited – Rhode Island, Missouri, Iowa.  Sometimes we’ll be talking to people and they’re like “why are you going to Springfield” and then someone else will be like “Yo, Springfield is the shit! That’s the party city!” [Laughs] We just go where we’re called.

JF: We go where the music takes us

AMBY: In anticipation of Gold Chain you released some cool merch including a chocolate bar, how did you decide on something so delicious?

JF: It’s cool to do something a little different, I guess.  One day one of us just had the idea and we just made them.

JS: Also we are super independent, so offering something that our fans can have as a keepsake that we can also afford just adds good energy and sweetness.

AMBY: Literally and figuratively!

JS: Yea! It was fun.

AMBY: So you guys actually met in Ontario

JF: Yea, we did; we met up north in Algonquin Park

AMBY: Were you camping?

JF: Yea, we were both camping separately.

AMBY: And how old were you?

JF: Both under 10.

AMBY: Oh wow, so did you stay friends from that point?

JF & JS: No [laugh]

AMBY: So at what point did you meet again in life?

JF: (Josh Smith)’s first week of University. We had some mutual friends who said “you guys should meet” and then we met, again, and made a pretty cool song that day and we’ve been making music ever since.

AMBY: That’s so cool.  On social media you shouted-out Toronto as one of your favourite cities – what’s one of your favourite things about it?

JF: I wouldn’t even say its one thing; we have just had a lot of cool, fun, formative experiences here. We used to come here a lot when we were younger too. It’s a cool city and it’s a great place; everybody here is really warm and nice.

JS: Toronto is like our sister-city; just super nice vibes and nice people.

AMBY: Well, you guys are nice people too, so that’s awesome.  Musically you do a really good job of transcending genre and that, to me, is one of the coolest aspects of Detroit music. When I go out to shows there’s always such a mix of sounds – a rock band, an alt band, a hip hop artist, a punk band, a dj, a pop artist

JF: It’s true

AMBY: Do you feel like being in Detroit has influenced the way you approach genre in your own music?

JF: Maybe just in the sense that in Detroit you can pretty much do whatever you want and you don’t have to go into a certain lane or fall into something specific for people to recognize that your ‘bout it.  There were no real constraints or barriers to entry to do what we wanted to do

AMBY: It seems like a very supportive community

JS: Yea supportive, once you sort-of prove yourself a little bit. Dude we fucking played a show in a loading dock once, for like three people and like no one came except for the dude from Jamaican Queens and a couple of his friends, and they were like “cool, you guys are gonna play a big show in three weeks” and they put us on the bill of this big show they were planning, so things can happen really suddenly like that.

AMBY: You guys have a really good vibe, do you have any advice for emerging artists on how to keep it real and not get overwhelmed by the hype?

JF: I mean, the only thing that gets us up there doing what we do every day is making it fun for ourselves..

JS: Yea like, some of our new stuff, you’ll listen to it and you’ll be like “what the fuck..” [laughs]

JF: [Laughs] Yea, you know, so we just embrace our uniqueness in a way that keeps it fun and fresh, without trying to fit into any one thing.

JS: At first it was hard to think of playing support on a big tour because we don’t really sound like anyone but when we have opened for people and tried to cater our sound to their style, we’ve always ended up saying “fuck this, we’re just going to do Gosh Pith shit” and it seems to work because people can tell what’s genuine.

JF: And when you’re having fun up there it makes it easy for people to connect

AMBY: And finally, what’s something about Gosh Pith that most of your fans don’t know yet?

JF: We got bangers in the trunk; Lots of cool shit on deck to be put out. We’re already on to the next record and the next after that at this point. We got bangers in the trunk.

JS: We do have a collaboration with Flint Eastwood…

JF: A lil duet…

JS: We don’t know if/when it will surface

AMBY: As someone wearing a Flint Eastwood shirt right now, I really hope it surfaces!

JF: It’s a really good song. Josh and Jax sound good together.

AMBY: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your listeners?

JS: We love Toronto, straight up, and if they don’t let us back in for any reason..

JF: It wasn’t our fault!


Thank you Gosh Pith, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Heather Cook | @Outroupistache1

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