Exclusive Track Premiere: Sunface – “In My Dreams (I Have It All)”

You know when sometimes you’ve been waiting for a bus and then suddenly three come along at once. Well it’s been a bit like that with Sunface, with three single releases in less than a month, with “In My Dreams (I Have It All)” swiftly following earlier releases “Sunface” and “Summer Holidays”. AMBY give an exclusive premiere of the track today ahead of its release on 15 April.

Sunface is the project of 18 year old Daniel Longmore (usually seen fronting rising indie band Trash) as he puts it “writing and recording songs in my bedroom, dining room, and sometimes living room. never toilet.” “In My Dreams (I Have It All)” joins the two earlier releases, along with two new tracks “Grateful Girl” and “Caroline”, to comprise Sunface’s first self titled EP to be released on 22 April, coming right on cue with the warmer weather to soundtrack your summer.

Very much a DIY affair (and getting early support from the magazine of the same name) the EP’s tracks were recorded on Garageband with an acoustic guitar and programmed drums. If the vocal on the demos sounds distant from the plug in mic it nevertheless lends a certain ethereal quality to the tracks which are pure and unadulterated summery vibes. It’s no surprise to find that tracks have already been played out on Radio 1 by Phil Taggart as well as Shell Zenner on Amazing Radio.

All that summery sound could though be a sleight of hand. There’s a certain darkness to some of the EP’s lyrics that might be easily masked by the cheeriness: “honey, what happened to the sun? i took for granted being warm. honey, you fill me up with rain. don’t fill me up with that again”. But all in all it’s a very fresh and promising start for the Sunface project and no surprise that the tracks have been getting a lot of blog attention as well as prompting the interest of Art Is Hard Records.


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Piece by Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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