You’ve GOT to Hear This: Luke Elliot – “Trouble”

Luke Elliot
Luke Elliot
is an American singer-songwriter who may just be on the verge of breaking the big time. He’s currently huge in Scandinavia and Norway has become a second home for the New Jersey native following his decision to quit his New York security sales job. The decision to focus on his burgeoning music career in the Big Apple led to a meeting with an eminent Norwegian journalist who was seduced by Elliot’s evocative songwriting. This relationship culminated in a tour of Norway, significant TV appearances and eventually a deal with the label Indie Recordings.

In a year and a half Elliot’s fan base in this country has steadily increased to the point where fans call him one of their own. “We love him over here but we’re probably going to lose him to the rest of the world very soon”, remarks one Norwegian fan when asked about his appeal in Scandinavia. The reason for this is the imminent release of debut record Dressed For The Occasion. Already a huge success in Norway, the record will hopefully introduce the rest of the world to an artist who has produced a timeless collection of songs full of earnest, raw emotion.

Clearly enhanced by the influence of producer John Agnello (The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth), who said “The first time I heard Luke’s voice; I knew he was super talented. Then when I saw him play piano and sing, I saw that he was a force of nature. And watching him grow as an artist has been remarkable”, the record possesses a vintage appeal and Elliot has that rare ability of transporting you to another time and place with his incredibly visual approach to songwriting. Passionate ballads such as Let it Rain on Me rub shoulders with smoky barroom rockers like This Gun of Mine and the one constant throughout the record is Elliot’s world-weary vocals which grip until the bitter end of each tale he tells.

Trouble is the lead single from the album and for those who like their music raw, the song is a fine introduction to this dark and enigmatic young artist.


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Review by Iain Fox | @IainFoxPhoto

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