Exclusive Track Premiere: Graveyard Club – “Nightcrawler”

Graveyard Club
Minneapolis-based foursome Graveyard Club kicked off their 2016 at Humans Win! studio to write and record their sophomore record Cellar Door. Today we’re pleased to premiere their latest single Nightcrawler — a perfect slice of eighties-infused, dreamy goth-rock. Although a darker release, Nightcrawler serves as an anthemic and melodious single with its haunting harmonies and upbeat, dance-inducing synth. When asked about the single, Graveyard Club shared with AMBY;

“Nightcrawler was the first song we finished as a band after completing our last record.  At the time, I was recording a large amount of demos trying to pin down what our next record should sound like.  This one stuck out immediately for all of us and came together within an hour.  In a lot of ways, this song set the tone for what the rest of the record would become.

At the time of writing Nightcrawler, I was struggling with a lot of anxieties regarding growing older and struggling with accepting/rejecting the process of aging.  I was also reading a lot of old Ray Bradbury horror stories and listening to 1980’s Bruce Springsteen records.  I wanted these songs to contain the dark poetic language of Bradbury and also feel large and anthemic.  My hope is that Nightcrawler somehow captured those forces.”

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