Review: The Feeling @ Ruby Lounge – Manchester

The Feeling
It was with a sense of nostalgia that I went to see Sussex born band The Feeling play Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. I remember walking home from high school every day listening to their most popular songs ‘Love It When You Call’ and ‘Fill My Little World’ on repeat, so I was not sure if their show was going to be a well needed throwback or an outdated performance.

They opened strongly with ‘Fill My Little World’ and got all the crowd on board with an instantly recognisable tune which had everyone singing along. They sounded tight, the melodies were just as they used to be on the radio, and the vocals were wonderfully harmonised. It felt like everyone was back at a school disco, but in a fantastic alternative venue.

There really was a sense of a triumphant comeback when they finished their first song however this was slightly diminished when the band announced they would now be playing the whole of their new album – a feat which many consider brave for any band to do, however to me it seemed like a genuinely good idea as most people only know The Feeling for their two most popular songs, so why wouldn’t they want to show off all their new material as well?

‘Wicked Heart’ kicked off the album recital and was met with a fairly good response of hand clapping and head bopping along with a sense that there may have been potential for a more rocky feel to this notoriously poppy band’s new stuff. As they carried on playing their self-titled new album it all started to feel a bit repetitive and at some points they seemed to lose the crowd a touch.

This changed when they went into ‘Feel Something’ which had the perfect mix of joyful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and impressive vocals. For me, it was when they played this that the crowd felt like they were really getting to know the band as more than just a pop group.

As the gig went on, The Feeling played a few more of their classic pop hits such as ‘Never Be Lonely’ and ‘Love It When You Call’ which were greeted with a great response making the crowd bounce along with smiles on their faces and, if they were anything like me, memories in their heads of times they will always link to these pop classics. The end of the show really felt like a masterpiece in gigging and it’s a shame that it couldn’t have been like that all the way through, but massive respect to them for playing so much new stuff and showing us that they have not lost it.

Review by Jack McCabe | @JackMcCabeIMN

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