Exclusive Video Premiere: Dani and Lizzy – “Dancing In The Sky” (Behind the Scenes)

Dani and Lizzy
Vancouver based twin sisters Dani and Lizzy have touched many hearts since the release of their music video for Dancing In The Sky. Within twenty-four hours of posting, the video became a viral hit –alike the song, the video itself was captivating and intimate, as Lizzy sings up-close to a camera to millions of viewers (13,585,938 to be exact).

Today we’re delighted to premiere a new video from Dani and Lizzy — an exclusive behind the scenes look at what took place while creating the beautiful, revamped Dancing In The Sky video. The new video, inspired by the twins’ personal experience with loss, is a sentimental tribute to the memory of lost ones. When asked about the whole experience, Dani and Lizzy shared with AMBY;

“Making the video was an amazing experience overall. Working with @EmmaHiggins and the gang was so much fun and the energy in the room was powerful. There were many really emotional moments throughout the whole day of filming the video. Since premiering the official video, there has been so much positive feedback, online and in person at our shows when meeting our fans. We’ve met people whose family members featured in our video and they were so touched to be a part of something so special.”

Exclusively watch the behind the scenes film-clip on AMBY and follow updates from Dani and Lizzy below.


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20 thoughts on “Exclusive Video Premiere: Dani and Lizzy – “Dancing In The Sky” (Behind the Scenes)

  1. Thank you for this amazing song!!! It brought me to tears, many times, after my granddaughter received her angel wings in 2013; now it brings such comfort!!! Bentley IS dancing in the sky and singing in the angel’s choir!!! xoxo

  2. I like the original video of Lizzy singing, the best. It was up close and more personal.it made me cry and feel good st the same time.

    1. Absolutely beautiful. I know heaven exist without a doubt. I know that earth is just a team journey. I imagine the reunion of family friends which includes our furry friends as well. We all can walk in Gods’ Garden with Jesus. Your song music and voices are incredible. Stay well . praise to God for your touching song

  3. I heard this song on Facebook and it was all the things I wanted to say to my children Angie and Mark in Heaven. I have listen to it over and over.Thank you so much, I love you both!

  4. This is absolutely the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. It has helped me alot with dealing with the loss of my one true love, he was my high school sweetheart, my first husband and the
    father of my first born. He has been gone for 19 years this October, but it
    still hurts each and everyday. Just want
    to say thank you because when I hear
    this song I don’t feel that sad, I realize
    he’s in a better place.

  5. I have listened to your beautiful song so many times. I lost my only child Jessica 9 years ago and today is her birthday. She would have been 36 today. Although I have tears in my eyes as I listen to the words, I also find comfort at the same time. Thank you for helping me through many difficult days. God bless.

  6. I love this song dancing in the sky. Because I have a hole lot of people that I love and I want this cd because of the song meaning so much to me dani and lizzy can you please send me a message on Facebook please because I really need a friend to talk to please and thank you

  7. This song is amazing. It made me tear up so much but in a wonderful way. Reminded me so much of how I miss my grandmother and dad but know heavens better with them there.

  8. Omg.the best song ever..it makes me cry everytime i listen to it..i first heard it on face book, and i am so gladi did..thankyou lizzy ❤❤

  9. Lost my Son to suicide I hear this song and I can close my eyes and and I can see him Happy again and dancing his heart out .All I came do is smile it takes my pain away..

  10. Thank you for this song helps me through the hard times after losing my daughter and granddaughter

  11. Dancing in the sky is a wonderful song. Yesterday marked 2 anniversary of my mom getting her wings. I played this song yesterday. It made me cry but brought me comfort. I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful song.

  12. This is absolutely the most beautiful song I ever heard. My mom passed in 2012 she was my best friend and I miss her so much. When your song came out on fb I balled my eyes out. But now this song brings me so much comfort. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!

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