Is Las Vegas the new capital of music?

Las Vegas
Over the years there have been many cities like Seattle and New York that have somehow captured the zeitgeist with some explosive new music that has helped them become briefly dubbed the music capitals of the world.

And whilst Las Vegas may be more synonymous with casino culture and gaudy nightlife attractions, it’s been one of the world’s cities that’s proven able to attract all manner of musical stars from stadium-filling icons to cutting-edge underground artists.

Whilst many of the UK’s music venues are closing down, it seems that Las Vegas is bucking the trend with vibrant music bars and extravagant casino resorts that are more than willing to provide a glittering showcase of the 21st century music scene.

A quick look at the forthcoming musical attractions in Las Vegas reads like something of a roll-call of 20th century musical history with rock icons like The Rolling Stones and Bryan Adams regularly filling the larger arenas.

And although the likes of Celine Dion and Ted Nugent illustrate that Las Vegas’ music scene is not immune from the gaudy delights that make its casinos so internationally renowned, there’s also a healthy underground music scene with cool venues like The Beauty Bar being instrumental in helping Las Vegas bands like The Killers and Panic! at the Disco reach a global stage.

Although Las Vegas has always had a long musical heritage with Rat Pack stars like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin helping bring many music fans to the city’s casinos, it’s only recently that it’s made serious efforts to put itself on the musical map.

In the face of online casinos like Lucky Nugget Casino offering the chance for gamers to get lucky with their welcome bonus promotions, some of Las Vegas’ casino resorts have seen their gambling revenues dropping, and as a result there’s been a concerted effort to diversify the city’s entertainment attractions.

As a result, it’s now common to find many casino hotels like the Hard Rock regularly hosting exclusive performances from the likes of Guns N’ Roses. Whereas many other establishments have given an extended lease of life to pop stars like Britney Spears who’s in a seemingly never-ending residency in a Vegas casino that offers the perfect amount of glitz and glamour for the chart-topping icon.

All of which goes to show that although 2016 is the worst year for album sales in the modern era, there are still a few casino cities that are giving our musicians a helping hand.

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