Review + Photos: A Colossal Weekend 2016 (VASA, Pinguinsmeat, and Russian Circles)

A Colossal Weekend 2016

AMBY recently went by instrumental festival A Colossal Weekend with a curiosity to watch more bands within this type of music and find out how exactly you get to connect with bands without vocalists and lyrics at concerts.

The Danish music hall VEGA recently hosted the festival A Colossal Weekend for the second year on and had send out an invitation for me and AMBY to join them in this completely sold out event where they had gathered a handful of talented bands within the instrumental genre. It is also some of the more experimental type of music that is not making too much attention of itself and therefor not the first you get to hear by radio or so either. I was therefor curious to know a bit more about this event and the bands performing there.

I stopped by the first day of the festival to have a look. One of the highlights were the band VASA from Scotland that surprised positively with top energy on stage and a strong punk-rock touch to the sound. Jumping around was well included. Russian based Pinguinsmeat seemed more introvert, but delivered an interesting set with the use of synth to create a colorful electronic sound.The American band Russian Circles provided the most intense performance of the day on the other hand, as they brought us through a dark emotional ride with delicate parts before rushing over to hardrock sections and back. A Colossal Weekend had done well by booking an interesting line-up like this and successfully presented the strengths and diversity within post-rock music.

The audiences made sure to line up in good time before each concerts and it was simply not possible to fit in once one of the sold out shows got started. I was pleased to spot a crowd that was just as dedicated about the bands as for any other type of rhythmic music. The audience didn’t seem to miss singers and lyrics to follow along to at all. There were no problems connecting to the post-rock music at the concerts, once the music started it was in fact quiet easy to get lost into the rich elements of sound and the live mood each band presented.


VASA, Pinguinsmeat, Russian Circles


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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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