Exclusive Video Premiere: Brooklyn Doran – “The Villain”

Brooklyn Doran

Today AMBY is pleased to premiere the latest lyric video from Brooklyn Doran entitled The Villain, a film-clip highlighting beautiful views to match the gorgeous sonic landscapes Doran achieves in the sincere and powerful folk song.

The last time this Toronto-based songstress crossed paths with us was when we premiered her video for Lansdowne, and it’s great to see Doran now has so much on the horizon.

Alike the video for Lansdowne, The Villain was shot entirely in Toronto, only this time at the scenic waterfront of the Scarborough Bluffs. The Villain was created using a series of cinemagraphs, where the video team at Public Space Productions partnered with Flixel to bring these images to life. When asked about the video, Doran shared with AMBY;

“‘The Villain’ captures the idea of regaining strength and power in a situation where I felt trapped and silenced. As women we are often taught to take full responsibility for uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in regardless of whether we have control or agency within them. When a toxic or abusive relationship breaks down- there are a lot of complicated feelings that come with it. With this song, I wanted to express all of those different angles, but most importantly I wanted to tell a story that presented strength and the ability to overcome. I am not only writing for me here; I am also writing for the startling number of women in my life who I know can relate. Through the lyric video, I wanted to showcase imagery that made me feel strong and powerful, but beautiful at the same time.”

Taken from her forthcoming album These Paper Wings, Doran will celebrate The Villain and record release with an album party on September 10th at The Drake Underground.

Exclusively watch The Villain on AMBY and follow updates from Brooklyn Doran below. These Paper Wings is scheduled for release on September 9th.


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