Las Vegas – A City of Gambling, Music & Dancing

Las Vegas is doing just everything to attract tourists without skimping on fees to make Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Celine Dion, Elton John among other celebrities appear before footlights of Sin City casino at different times. This situation hasn’t changed since then. Recently, it was rumored that Madonna was offered a billion dollars for moving and living in Las Vegas for 5 years.

So the music industry is still on its peak in Vegas, although today musical trends and fashion accents are a bit different. Nowadays, dance music as well as best DJs are now in favor with the audience in Las Vegas. Most popular DJs from Europe have been invited to spend the dancing season in “desert” of Nevada. They perform in both clubs and casinos of Las Vegas. However, these are not limited to their territory. DJs create special shows in restaurants and at other sites in open air, which brings together millions of tourists from around the world. Modern sound can even be heard in top legal UK casinos online since gambling industry keeps up with musical preferences of their customers.

Las Vegas

Top Night Clubs to Visit in Las Vegas

Of course, nowhere else in the world, you will find such grandiose shows as in Las Vegas. Thanks to virtually unlimited financial means, organizers can acquire best stage, lighting and sound equipment; rebuild modern dance floors and platforms; and invite best experts for implementation of most incredible ideas of creating a show. So musical tourist from all over the world strive to spend just a night in Las Vegas clubs. But let’s get all straightened out what places truly deserve your time once you are in Vegas.

Las Vegas


It is a quiet and peaceful place on the lake with a waterfall. During day hours, it operates as a bar, and at night it turns into a club with soothing music and funky lighting. Lights of Parasol Up Parasol Down made in some form of hanging from ceiling of multicolored umbrellas that are raised and lowered smoothly, creating an unusual play of colors and shadows.

  • XS

It is a huge nightclub with an indoor swimming pool and a bar on the street. This place is ideal for lovers of modern sound and partying. The restaurant is open until early morning; from the midnight hour, you can enjoy a performance of the famous DJ David Guetta. The pool of XS is heated, so you can swim in almost any weather.


The Cosmopolitan is divided into two parts: a “sunken” dance-floor with techno music, a DJ and a festive atmosphere; and a rooftop swimming pool with palm trees, unusual lighting as well as compositions of different styles. “Drowned” part of the night club is designed as an abandoned submarine with unusual metal pillars and mechanisms in the steampunk style. In addition to the night club, there is also a restaurant and a mini-hotel with several houses for those who got tired after partying.

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