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Coldplay are currently traveling around the continents with a massive arena tour following the release of their latest album A Head Full Of Dreams. AMBY made sure to stop by the two concerts back in Denmark to find out what this popular band are up to lately. We were quite pleased to watch the band present their well known songs with a joyful mood while the crowd got all soaked in festive colors and spectacular sights. We are still having difficulties curbing our enthusiasm now afterwards. Follow along right here as we let you know a bit more about the gig and show off some concert photos…

I had forgotten how it really feels to wait for hours and hours with your friends to watch some arena shows from the front rows. Having some friends that are passionate fans of Coldplay, I decided to join in on that excitement. What I apparently had forgotten was the extent of long waits, heat, thirst, and sore feet you get while waiting. The front row fans do suffer a bit for the shows, but it is also clear that the excitement makes up for the minor and temporary pains.

Coldplay are known to host some spectatular concerts with unique visual effects and seem to significantly move the limits from what have been done before for each tour that goes. They have done this by handing the audience special made wristbands with colorful light mechanisms build into it and let confetti with design based on the album themes burst out and fall down upon the arenas. When you start to wonder how the band can possibly top that, then they have added a new and just as interesting visual effect by every tour so far. Without handing out too many spoilers here, I can share that the current A Head Full Of Dreams tour have brought back both the popular light bands and some beautiful new confetti a plenty.

The band made sure to share some of their classic indie rock hits such as Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, Fix You, Viva La Vida, alongside acoustic versions of God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and a new twist to the hidden gem Til Kingdom Come. This was nicely mixed with some of their more pop and electronic influenced tunes lately such as A Head Full Of Dreams, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Charlie Brown, A Sky Full Of Stars, and a fine live presentation of the new song Up&Up. I was personally introduced to Coldplay’s music at the time of their first records and admit that I have been a bit skeptical towards the more light and electronic based sound the last couple of years, but during the live performances I liked the fresh vibe to the new songs and appreciated the way these songs made a great balance between the heavy hearted and an  uplifting dancey feel.

They presented the songs with much energy, and you would see lead singer Chris Martin jump around, roll on the floor and sprint up and down the the runway between the multiple stages. The guys seemed to be in a great relaxed mood and much comfortable on stage. Shared some fun anecdotes and joked around with the audience. So did you know that this solid band actually split up once? – but it was just for two days back in 1998. The concerts were held during the European Championship in soccer, and the band also let us know that it was a such shame that they performed while the Welsh team was playing a match. Chris stopped to spontaneously ask the audience if anyone there got the updates on the Portugal-Wales match. Whether the  crowd was suddenly way too shy to answer or the ones who answered was seated too far away to be heard will remain unknown, but Chris let us know something like: ”No? Fuck it, we are cancelling the show to see the match!” and stood up to leave before he got back in the seat by a keyboard and had the arena and band genuinely laughing out loud.

So what did the crowd think? On the way out of the arena at the first concert night in Denmark I couldn’t help but notice the good mood and a guy saying: ”Shut up that was great!” in joyful disbelieve. On the train back home after the second show another passenger also let us know: ”It was a really good concert. Like I have been to many good concert, but this concert was just the best!”. I do get their enthusiasm and  join the group of people that envy those lucky bastards that are now going to watch Coldplay perform on the upcoming Australian leg of the tour.



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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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