Review + Photos: Our favourite 100 photos and best moments from NorthSide 2016 (Iggy Pop, Twin Atlantic, The Temper Trap, Jake Bugg, Blossoms, Beck, + more)

Northside Festival

We were very happy to return to NorthSide this summer. Follow along as we share our Top 5 elements, Top 10 concerts, and present nothing less than the 100 favorite photos we got to capture at the festival. We have also included some quite exclusive portraits of our nice meeting with The Temper Trap backstage and going a bit bananas with our new pals Twin Atlantic.

NorthSide 2016 was such a cosy event. We have now picked out some of our favorite elements that can help describe what it was all about, besides a fine line-up:

Top Five Elements

Hugs: The peeps at NorthSide all seemed to be friendly and I can’t recall to have gotten this many hugs from friends and strangers at any other point in my life. I especially remember a few guys that were so excited to finally watch The Vaccines perform live that they simply felt like sharing some hugs with me.

Dancing: The audience shared a lot of different dance moves between the fun jump around and some more pro skills in contemporary and break-dance during the concerts.

Festive deco: The fences had been covered in colorful illustrations all over the field and even the trees had been decorated with fancy bows from recycled paper.

Cosy seats: The festival had several good areas to sit down and chill whenever needed.

Food wagons: An absolute great selection of food wagons. Vegan, burgers, goat meat – you name it.


Top Ten Concerts

We got to watch over 20 concerts during the 3 three days. We have decided to let you know about the 10 most interesting concerts we watched there based on the music, charisma, energy and the element of surprise.

Beck: Impressive balance between the most catchy ”have to move your feet” rhytms and immersing calm songs. His diverse and long list of material shows off well live. The playful experimental sound in the new songs fits right in there.

Twin Atlantic: The songs on the newly released album G L A seems much promising for the band. They got quality alt rock served with top energy and interesting moves from lead singer Sam McTrusty. It is all fun to watch these Scottish lads perform live.

Wolf Parade: Wolf Parade proved that they are a group of skilled musicians that are able to each take some experimental choices and complicated combinations of sound and then make sure to turn the outcome into those fine harmoniously blended melodies they got. A great pleasure to listen to these songs with Dan Boeckner in front for the vocals. Also interesting to watch the band work on these projects live with keyboardist Spencer Krug moving passionately along to his keys and feel the good vibe that the band had brought with them on stage.

Coasts: I watched Coasts perform a rather calm set last year and kind of got my feet swept away in surprice to see how the band have grown since then. The band expressed much more surplus and charisma at NorthSide. The new energy fits well with their music and it was definitely nice to see the band’s lead singer Chris Caines jump up the tall speakers and off the stage to meet the audience midst-song.

The Temper Trap: A beautiful set of songs with stunning vocals from Dougy Mandagi. The band got a rich sound in their play and great rhytms to move along to. The song Fall Together from the new album Thick As Thieves made a great introduction to the band’s latest work.

Lukas Graham: Lukas and his band made a touching performance at their return home to Denmark after touring a whole lot in Northern America lately. The band got tons of good charisma and musical talent to share with the audience to much success.

The Vaccines: Always a pleasure to listen to The Vaccines’ music, and it is even better live with powerful shout outs from singer Justin Young and epic sing along from the crowd.

Wilco: The band shared a good vibe with their catchy tunes and lightweighted sound. Wilco have made a good amount of albums to build their setlists on, and it was a pleasure to be introduced to their new record in the pile called Schmilco.

Samm Henshaw: Samm and his band shared a funky and soulful sound, served with a fresh live energy.

Deftones: This concert can probably best be described with vocalist Chino Moreno being here, there and everywhere. The band knows exactly how to share their music and got a great connection with the audience.


Have a look on our 100 favorite photos from Northside 2016:

Glimpse of the festival mood – we went around the festival area with a camera to capture a bit of the general festival mood in photos and were happy to meet The Temper Trap and Twin Atlantic off-stage for some exclusive portraits

Concert photos – Alex Vargas, Samm Henshaw, Refused, The Temper Trap, Deftones, Lukas Graham, Iggy Pop, Velvet Volume, Childrenn, Yelawolf, Jamie Lawson, Wilco, Puscifer, Wolf Parade, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Vaccines, Sigur Ros, Twin Atlantic, Jake Bugg, Blossoms, Bloc Party, Coasts, Beck


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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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