Review + Photos: The Moonlandingz @ Queens Social Club – Sheffield

The Moonlandingz

The familiar topic of Brexit floats around the room before an unhinged front man suggest that the band get on with the music. For a bruised working man’s club, Queens Social was fittingly transported back in time to a punk era where topless crowd surfers, aggressive mosh- pits and a stage presence that overflows into the crowd were accepted as the ordinary. Tonight, this brash atmosphere re-appears with an injection of surreal psych synthesisers, creating a sound The Moonlandingz refer to as Ouija psych-pop.

Both a super group and elusive, their live performances have gained acclaim for being out of the ordinary and in Sheffield the packed venue suggested none otherwise. Like a psych patient in a straight jacket, Lias Saoudi jolts and flings himself around whilst dousing the crowd in some murky cocktail. Fans of Fat White Family may be accustomed to the front man’s antics however as part of The Moonlandingz his unpredictable nature seems to progress a step further into the abyss.

Rebecca Taylor seems an unlikely fit, having spent the majority of her time creating the subtle harmonies attributed to her primary project, Slow Club. However her relentless stage presence and screeching vocals accompany the madness and impulsive nature of The Moonlandingz , Lias, who in between tracks scatters flowers over the crowd from a bulging pouch resting against his crotch.

Working almost as a power duo the pair often huddle towards the centre of the stage flinging their arms over one other like some drunkards performing an awful rendition of a Robbie song during Wednesday’s Karaoke night down at the local boozer. That being said, their sound couldn’t be further from the thought of it. Whilst their lyrics may lack the structure and sense of each members accomplished bands, it seems as though the disorder is firmly intent.

Lying on his back staring at the ceiling, Lias breathes smoke into the air as though reflecting on the madness that has just unfolded.  With one last push and an encouraged stage invasion, The Moonlandingz ensure their reputation for outrageous performances remains thoroughly intact.



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Review and Photos by Jacob Flannery |

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