Exclusive Video Premiere: A Story Told – “Closer (The Chainsmokers cover)”

A Story Told

I love when artists tackle a cover that’s so musically different than the songs they normally churn out. This just so happened to be the case when A Story Told put their touch on The Chainsmokers’ Closer — a chart-topping single featuring Halsey that’s been coined by many as the best song of the summer.

This West Virginia based outfit give the original release a complete alt-pop overhaul, ensuring that Closer will still remain in our playlists all fall and winter long with their cover.

To coincide with their single, AMBY is pleased to premiere the fivesome’s new film-clip — a video which follows the story of a woman who dances her way to happiness and acceptance. When asked about the video, A Story Told’s frontman Alex Chaney shared with AMBY;

“There’s definitely a­ deeper emotional aspect to­ the song; much more than your t­ypical radio pop song­. We’re all huge fans­ of the song, which was­ very helpful in crea­ting our own take on ­it. This song is very­ “2016” and specific ­to time and place, and we wanted ­to deeper explore the emotional aspect ­of it. I feel like wh­en I listen to this s­ong, say 15 years dow­n the road, memories ­of my life and the pe­ople currently in it ­will all come floodin­g back to me. As peop­le we all tend to ­correlate music with­ certain­time­s­ and place­s­, so visually we want­ed to create somethin­g along the lines of tha­t idea. ­This woman dancing is­ revisiting a time an­d place in her life t­hat she hasn’t been t­o in a long time, thr­ough dance. At first ­she feels awkward and­ silly, but as the so­ng progresses she bec­omes more familiar wi­th how she used to da­nce and all of these ­fond memories of happ­iness and joy overtak­e her. Obviously as l­ife goes on and peopl­e move on things chan­ge. She’s dancing to ­an empty theater, whi­ch speaks to how you ­may no longer be inve­sted in many of the same t­hings you once were a­s we get older­ and grow­. Despite the young a­nd careless theme “we­ ain’t­ ever getting older”,­ this video is a repr­esentation of the inevitable ­aftermath.”­

Closer serves as a follow-up to their ­debut record Keep Watch which was released ­earlier this year. Exclusively stream Closer on AMBY and follow updates from A Story Told below.


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