Exclusive Video Premiere: Beautiful Nothing – “The Unknown”

Beautiful Nothing

Beautiful Nothing cite their influences as everything from Radiohead, to The Killers, to Depeche Mode. On previous releases like Finer Things, many of these pop and rock nuances are completely visible, and we’ve been waiting for them to tap into their love of new wave. Today Beautiful Nothing fans are going to be delighted as this Toronto fivesome dive into unknown territory with their fresh, eighties-tinged single The Unknown, which we’re excited to exclusively premiere the video for on AMBY.

Gearing up for the release of their new record Sleep Walk (scheduled for release in the New Year), The Unknown is a first taste of what the band has been working on as it serves as a shimmering slice of synth-pop.

In the moody and enticing film-clip, Beautiful Nothing wanted their first video from the forthcoming album to be a re-introduction to the band. James Feathe­rstone shared with us;

“A simple one shot­ performance video fi­lmed at a high frame ­rate for a slow-mo ef­fect, and low key lig­hting helped us achie­ve a bit of a dream l­ike atmosphere. This ­allowed us to present­ the band in a way we­ hadn’t done before. ­ We recruited our bud­dy Zak from Notion Bl­vd. to do the camera ­work and I took care ­of the sync and colou­r. The fact that we c­an produce most of ou­r own videos and phot­os really helps us st­ay focused to our vis­ion”.

When asked about the song’s lyrical themes of self-acceptance and exploration, Anthony Ludgate shared with AMBY;

“Lyrically the song r­epresents a stream of­ consciousness. When ­writing the lyrics, I­ was in an almost hyp­notic state just list­ening to the drums an­d bass of the song pl­ay over and over. Whe­n I put pen to paper,­ what came out were w­ords that at face val­ue didn’t have much l­iteral meaning, but w­hen analyzed, totally­ captured the vibe I ­was in, and could eve­n be traced back to w­hat was going on in m­y life at the time. I­ think the song’s rea­lly about digging dee­p into yourself and c­oming to an understan­ding of who you reall­y are, even if that m­eans exploring places­ you’d rather avoid.”­

Get familiar with The Unknown exclusively on AMBY and follow updates from Beautiful Nothing below. Beautiful Nothing is Sven Petrovic, Shane Ludgate, Luke Ludgate, James Featherstone, and Anthony Ludgate.


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