Podcast | The Tour Manager’s Guide to Making Beats: With Rey Reel

Rey Reel

Lots and lots and loads and loads of people want to make beats for a living. There are programs to help you make beats, apps to help you make beats, robots to help you make beats, yet still only a select few actually make beats for a living. Or produce. And I mean this in a traditional beat producing sense.

Rey Reel is one of the few individuals I’ve met that actually sits in a room for his job and produces beats for a living. He’s not from a line of producers or hollywood royalty. Not to be too cheesy but to me, Rey is the American dream and one of the more unintentionally inspirational people I’ve met.

At 18 he was a high school dropout working at a grocery store and living at home. Less than a decade later he was nominated for a Grammy for producing Beyonce’s “Flawless”. I don’t care who you are that’s an interesting story. I needed to know more, so I cruised over to his spot in Burbank and pressed record. What came out was an awesome story about someone beating the odds and running with a few lucky breaks.

This episode will interest you, if you:

  • -are interested in making beats
  • -love Beyonce
  • -love Will.I.am
  • -need inspiration
  • -hate your job and want to pursue a career in music
  • -want to know more about how a beat gets sold
  • -what type of person makes money off production
  • -interested in entrepreneurship

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