Podcast | The Tour Manager’s Guide: 311


I have a distinct memory of dancing around my elementary school bedroom to 311. Despite the fact that I had no idea what the lyrics to Down were that song was my shiiiiit.. And don’t give me that, “I never liked 311” nonsense. Everyone at some point has enjoyed a 311 song. I’m not gonna stand on a stump and argue for this band but I will say that 311 deserves more credit. Sue me. That’s what I think. I think they had a pioneering sound and navigated their career with finesse. Do you know how hard it is to have a 30 year career in music? Especially one that involves everyone in the band owning houses and supporting a family? Maybe 1%. Maybe. 311 is a lot of things to a lot of people and I’m very happy their singer Nick Hexum took the time to explain how their band took off and where they are headed from here.

Also, if you love this podcast and love the band check out Nick’s weed smoking contraption the Uplifter. I don’t like smoking weed at all and this little robot made it fun!

This episode is for you IF:

-You love 311
-You hate 311
-You smoke marijuana
-You don’t smoke marijuana
-You want to know how 311 got signed
-Why 311 has had such a long career
-You want career advice from Nick Hexum
-You want to feel inspired

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