The TMG Podcast 2017 Preview


Oh hey, there you are. I spent the last year recording interviews with all sorts of artists and music industry professionals for my podcast, now it’s time for you all to hear them. My goal is to make the best profiles on musicians that exist. I think it takes a lot of courage, creativity and entrepreneurial skills to make music your career and I want people to know that about musicians. I also want to recreate the natural conversations that happen on tour busses or in vans. Conversations had when only two people are still up after a show or a 10 hour drive.

Every night on tour people ask how the band did it or how I got my job. At the end of this year, if you listen to the episodes, I’m going to have all of that explained… by the best people at those jobs. And not in a lame way like those online seminars or pop music schools like Berklee where 60 year old professors tell you how to navigate the internet. No, I want someone like Computer Magic explaining to you how she blew up in Japan. Or Tony Hoffer discussing the nitty gritty on when he helped Beck produce Midnight Vultures. I want Michelle Cable to tell you how she started managing Mac Demarco, or how Chris Swanson built Secretly Canadian (large label) from the ground up in college. I want Eli Maiman from Walk The Moon to explain in detail how he went from playing guitar in his dorm room to headlining festivals on every f#cking continent in the world.

There’s no secret to success in music or as an artist. However I do think there are things successful ones do that separate them from other people. Hopefully you can take something from these interviews and utilize them in your everyday life.

I’m super proud of this work and these people. Next week we kick things off with RAC.

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