Exclusive Video Premiere: Coleman Hell – “Devotion”

Coleman Hell

Canadian folktronica artist Coleman Hell has had an incredible year as he headlined concerts around the nation, performed at numerous award shows, and released his debut record Summerland.

The debut was recorded in a cabin near Coleman’s hometown of Thunder Bay, where he and his bandmates set out to reconnect with their small-town roots. And boy is the intimacy shown throughout the release, as Coleman wears his heart on his sleeve with extremely inviting storytelling.

Today AMBY is delighted to premiere the lyric video for his latest single Devotion, taken from Summerland. This video truly embodies the album title as it brings you into the colourful world of Coleman Hell, as funky firework designs burst among the starry sky. My favourite part about this video however is how it effortlessly, and rather simply, showcases the heartfelt lyricism from Coleman.

The video also draws on spiritual themes while paying homage to the fierce album artwork. When asked about the video and imagery of Summerland, Hell shared;

“I always had this weird memory when I was younger of this day I bought a book on Witchcraft. My family was not religious so I was always searching for a spiritual outlet. I brought it home and my mother, who was very superstitious, got freaked out and took it away from me. I don’t know why the memory stayed with me. But before going to the cabin I visited an occult store and bought books, tarot cards, sweet grass and candles. During my downtime we would have séances and just play around with all of it. I found out there is this place called Summerland that Wiccans believe they go when they die.  They believe in reincarnation, so it’s like this purgatory between lives.  They believe once you finally understand everything on earth you get to spend eternity in Summerland.  For me this cabin and going back there to reconnect for this album was kind of my Summerland.”

Coleman is currently working on the official film-clip for Devotion, which he is personally directing and editing — so follow updates from him below to stay tuned. Until then, exclusively indulge in the lyric video for Devotion on AMBY! Summerland is available for download via iTunes here.


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