Guest Post: Glam Skanks take you on a wild, glitter-filled rock n roll rollercoaster ride

Glam Skanks

We’re going to take you on a wild Rock n Roll rollercoaster ride through a blazing cloud of glitter and raining feather boas all the way to Glitter City! So stand up and get ready for a colorful audiovisual extravaganza…. Let’s gooo!!

It all started with two craigslist posts in the community section under musicians. I was searching for females to join me in creating a kick ass all female glitter rock band. And V was as well. Our posts were very similar, we even posted about having the same influences and visions for the band. V and I then ended up emailing each other on the same day. I trekked to the valley and met V at her back yard studio. We jammed on Heart, Aerosmith and T. REX songs. Her on lead guitar and me as lead singer. And the rest was history. We started as a cover band and played our first show in Simi Valley. We wore platforms, fringe and lace and of course GLITTER.

V and I then started taking Glam Skanks to the next level by writing our own music. The lyrics we were writing were sassy and female empowered with a bravado that screams Sunset Strip dreams and Hollywood nights that never end. We were finding our style. Although we have had our fair share of musicians come and go V and I have always stayed true to the image and vision of Glam Skanks as well as making Rock n Roll music that will get your heart beating and your mascara running.

Two years into the band we released our first E.P. “Glam Skanks”. After the release of the E.P. and videos accompanying the songs we lost our rhythm section. After searching for the right girls to complete or gang we found Millie! Although it took some convincing (taking her to a drag club) she finally agreed to be a skank!

Finally with Millie in the band and a string of new songs we went into the studio with producer and V’s dad Bruce Witkin (Hollywood Vampires) to record our debut full length album “Glitter City”. With songs about Teenage Drag Queens and Bad Bitches the album is a glittery explosion of glam and punk. And while we weren’t in the studio recording we were sharing the stage with Alice Copper, Johnny Depp and Cherie Currie to name a few.

Now with “Glitter City” out and songs in the most recent Kevin Smith movie Yoga Hosers we’re ready to embark on our first tour across the US opening up for the legendary Adam Ant on his Kings of The Wild Frontier anniversary tour. Pretty crazy considering the first time V ever got up on a stage was with Adam!

We couldn’t be more excited to share the stage with such an icon like Adam and we can’t wait to bring our high energy cosmic rock show to a town near you!

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