Exclusive Video Premiere: JungleManSam – “CPR”

Jungle Man Sam

It’s an exciting time to be Toronto native JungleManSam as the release of his new EP is on the horizon. After his travels through Latin America, Sam Morton fell in love with the life of a traveller and those worldly elements can now be enjoyed in his music. Today AMBY is pleased to premiere the video for his latest single CPR, taken from the forthcoming EP!

CPR is an electronic, pop-infused, reggae song influenced by the wide world. This might seem like a bizarre entanglement of genres, but when put in JungleManSam’s hands, they flow effortlessly together to create a blissful dance song. When asked about the vibrant, underwater fairy-tale of a video, JungleManSam shared with AMBY;

“When emotions take over it’s like you’re completely submerged in a body of water where there’s no escape. You can’t rise up to gasp for air, and you’re completely surrounded by memories and desires. Whether blissful or full of pain, love easily puts us in this place. “C.P.R.” is about the physical sensations I experience when meeting this beautiful girl for the first time. There’s an expression that someone can “take your breath away” but what if it went as far as needing full resuscitation?”

Exclusively watch CPR on AMBY and follow updates from JungleManSam below. JungleManSam’s EP is scheduled for release in early 2017.


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