Exclusive Track Premiere: L.A. Spring – “Heart and Soul”

L.A. Spring

I love premiering fresh music and introducing our readers to exciting bands. In today’s premiere, I get to do both as AMBY is exclusively sharing Heart and Soul, the brand-new single from our friends in L.A. Spring.

Heart and Soul serves as a wonderfully crafted pop song from the London trio with its funky basslines, dance-evoking chorus, and nostalgic lyrics. When asked about the release, L.A. Spring shared with us;

“Writing ‘Heart and Soul’ was a real moment for us in deciding which direction we wanted to take things after Passerby. Delving deeper into the electronic side of things opened up new dimensions for previous work that we’d scrapped (which this very nearly was!). Lyrically it came pretty easily – building on stuff George had started on after Roadhouse in Manchester closed down in 2015. George played one of his first ever shows there at 16 – it was such a spot for up and coming bands and it’s always heartbreaking to see places like that go.”

It’s difficult to make such a heartfelt and lyrically-sombre song still carry that vivacious and fun spirit, but L.A. Spring do just that in Heart and Soul. I love going to arcades and jamming out to music, so this premiere honestly couldn’t get any better – there’s an amusing game, amazing band, and (of course) addictive song.

So what exactly am I talking about? To hear the single for the first time, fans can play this super fun secret arcade game by using the code AMBY! You can also Tweet your high scores, so get listening and playing!

Indulge in the arcade game here or click the photo underneath to exclusively listen to Heart and Soul and follow updates from the band below. Be sure to share the song and game around – have fun!


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L.A. Spring - Heart and Soul

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