Review + Photos: The Lemon Twigs @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

The brother D’Addario, two teenagers from Long Island, were born to boogie.

Story goes that both Brian and Michael (sons of a session musician) were raised on a strict diet of classic rock. The seeds were planted early, with every note absorbed.

By consequence, they’ve turned their education into a formula. The moves, the look and the chops are frighteningly natural.

As The Lemon Twigs, they’ve attracted a sold-out crowd within the crammed walls of the Horseshoe Tavern. Word of their lo-fi, complex glam-pop has caught fire. People here are itching to know if they’re the real deal.

In amongst the anticipation The Lemon Twigs swagger on stage, full of flair and nervous energy. Brian D’Addario, the eldest, kicks things off.  Dressed in pink, he wields his guitar as the band rips through their debut single, “These Words.”

In the back, beating the drums like a feral animal, younger brother Michael makes his presence unavoidable. He’s clearly the spastic wild child of the two.  Remaining members, Megan Zeankowski (bass) and Danny Ayala (keys), hold their own, soulfully supporting the brethren in their pursuit of a perfected retro-patchwork.

It’s at the midpoint when Michael takes lead on stage, sending off searing riffs while fiercely dancing up a storm.

The set builds and builds until we reach Michael’s own single, “As Long As We’re Together” with all the thrill and anthemic hallmarks of the Bowie-penned, Mott the Hoople classic, “All the Young Dudes.”

Although on paper this hodgepodge of 70’s rock (Big Star and Todd Rundgren spring to mind) could come across as parody, the Long Island natives manage to make it effortless. The magic of their music, for better and for worse, is its self-awareness.

If anything, they’re far from finished digging through their Dad’s record collection.


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Review and Photos by Myles Herod | @mylesherod

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