Why MAHI Leather’s The Dixie Boho is perfect for my crazy, concert-going life!

One of the coolest aspects of running AMBY is all of the amazing brands I get to work with. Thanks to MAHI Leather, I finally found a purse that I’m in love with and fits my crazy, concert-going, businesswoman lifestyle! The bag is called The Dixie Boho, I’ve had it for about a week now, aaand I’ve pretty much been wearing it every time I’ve stepped out my front door.

MAHI Leather is named after the Mahi River and $1.50 from every MAHI sold is donated to FRANK Water charity, a UK charity that has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean drinking water since 2005.

Something that used to get on my nerves with other purses is that they were either so tiny that I couldn’t fit any of my personal items in it, or they were so large that they were a pain to bring onto public transit or fit in between people at those super tight club shows I’m always at. The Dixie Boho fits my organizer, makeup pouch to touch-up before interviews, wallet, and all of my other knick-knacks.

This purse is super functional for me, and as an added bonus, it’s also sleek and personalized. That’s right, I was able to get my initials embroidered in the corner of the purse which is the cutest touch ever.

The purse itself is made with full grain cow leather, brass fittings, and sturdy zippers (I’ve had way too many of zippers break on me in the past). Every bag is made to order and shipped directly from MAHI’s workshop which reduces waste, their carbon footprint, and removes the ‘middleman’ which allows them to be around 50% cheaper than high street equivalents.

You can check out all of the different styles MAHI Leather has to offer here! https://mahileather.com/collections

This post is sponsored my MAHI Leather.

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