Exclusive Video Premiere: BARQ – “Bear”

Photo by www.pedrogiaquintophotography.com

Need soul? Need new music? AMBY’s got it. We are extremely excited to premiere the second music video released by Dublin four-piece BARQ.

“Bear” is a song about loss and growing up, written by lead member Jess Kavanagh about the dreams she had during the tumultuous time of her mother’s passing, so it’s fitting that the video for this song sits somewhere between nightmare and dreamy fantasy.

BARQ collaborated on this project with artist James Sheridan and videographers Crooked Gentlemen. Sheridan interpreted the lyrics with his own cartoons, creating a dark, dreamy, psychedelic vibe for this emotional single.

About to embark on their first national tour and appear at Canadian Music Week 2017, it is such an exciting time for this band. We are looking forward to hearing more from them in the coming months.

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Review by Tanis Smither | @Tanisquinn

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