Secrets of mobile games


When designing a game or mobile application, developers put forward one single goal – to promote their product in masses. Whether we speak of the classic games or the games of chance such as slots at a game’s success directly depends on how it’s going to be accepted. Chances of making an undisputed hit entirely depend on the designers’ ability to unveil the secrets of products’ popularity. And, naturally, one can’t weigh them right without previously conducted market research. So in our article we’ll try to find out what makes mobile games conquer gamers’ hearts the way they do.

  1. Portability


The main advantage of mobile technologies is their versatility and portability. No need to search for a specialized room or take an additional bag, you just pick your phone out of a pocket and play in the middle of a trip. Millions of users around the globe download gaming applications on a regular basis to always be entertained regardless of place and time. With this as a concept, lots of mobile game developers have switched to issuing game after game thus, overwhelming the online shops with wide variety of apps. However, if some of those got warmly accepted, others appeared to be deleted right after the first try. And here arose another relevant question – how to make person engaged for long. Statistics showed that particular game genres acquired higher level of users recognition compared to others.

  1. Genre


Most of game designers are inclined to think that genre plays one of the key roles in making a successful gaming content. Therefore, many of those have began studying the gamers’ preferences and found out that genres like MMO, strategy and simulation gained the highest amount of users’ praises. Why these genres? Let’s see, the first two involve high level of tactical and strategic thinking, which is considerably greater fun compared to the games of ‘reflexes’. Also, gameplay lasts for much longer here and may offer quite an unexpected outcome. And there’s multiplayer, which puts entertainment to the brand new level.

As to simulations, great many gamers would love to try flying a plane or helicopter, or just driving a race car. Eventually, genres like racing, flying or sailing find tons of their admirers and online shop buyers.

  1. “Stickiness”


Although, this term sounds a bit silly, it still determines whether a game is worth buying or not. It means that content is so catchy that one gets stuck in it completely, spending 24/7 at gaming. Say, if someone can’t resist playing this or that game, he/she will give all the positive feedback regarding a product and will compulsory recommend it to others. Thus, a company won’t need to through extra money on promotion, for the job will be done by players themselves. Other words, in order for a game to be incredible fun and success one needs to think of some ‘sticky’ playing experience.

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