5 acts we can’t wait to see at Outlines Festival 2017

Outlines Fest

After a successful debut, the Tramlines team are at it again, bringing Outlines back for its second year. The multi-metropolitan festival blends a vast mix of genres, that sees the likes of Lady Leshuur, Jagwar Ma and The Wytches all sharing the stage. Established artist and some of the most exciting up-and-coming bands are set to play in Sheffield over the weekend at a collection of the city’s finest venues. Created with the aim of serving as a little sister to Tramlines during the colder months, its initial success means Outlines has now been extended to feature over two days, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March. Here are AMBY‘s “5 acts we can’t wait to see”.


“Something that’s relatable, not debatable” is the notion Shame lash at with their introductory, of sorts, release ‘The Lick’. A band set on dividing opinion, there’s little care as to how they’re received, the Londoners seem driven to force a reaction. Notable for their post-punk style and concentration on the rise of young people’s involvement in politics, their live performances pack the punch of a band set on inciting the controversial.

Saturday @ The Leadmill – 19:00

Lady Leshuur

Unapologetically unique Lady Leshur blends freestyle rapping with wit and expert comic timing. Thick grime beats set the stage for epic putdowns,  chatty sound affects and enough pop culture and social media references to attack even the idle mobile phone user.

Saturday @ Plug – 20:00


Virgin radio’s #FreshFest17 winners Sheafs currently have everything to shout about. Debut EP ‘Nobody’s Watching’ is a surplus of riff heavy snappy tracks, with opener ‘Acting on Emergency’ clocking in at just under two minutes. The indie five piece from Sheffield couldn’t ask for a more ideal stage than The Leadmill at Outlines.

Saturday @ The Leadmill – 13:00


Songwriter and producer Laurel has never been one to rush out her releases. Often creating her electronic infused pop in solitude, each single is rare and vulnerable. Husky  vocals and serene soundscapes will surely captivate the Southampton-raised artist’s audience at Queens Social.

Saturday @ Queens Social Club – 14:00

The Wytches

Releasing their follow up to debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ towards the latter of 2016, The Brighton dwellers have continued their lo-fi garage fuzz with ‘All Your Happy Life’. It’s devilishly awkward, even with the addition of an extra member, and falls uneasily on a knife edge between light and dark. Live, The Wytches create a sweaty moshing mess and are set to suitably transform The Harley.

Friday @ The Harley – 22:00

Outlines festival takes place on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March across multiple venues in Sheffield. Tickets can still be purchased at outlinesfestival.gigantic.com.

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