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The Britanys
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The Britanys seems to be a busy bunch of guys, but we managed set up a fun email correspondence with the New York based garage-rockers a short time ago. Join in here as AMBY and The Britanys discuss their recent studio recordings, favourite albums, and their interesting chat forum with fans.

AMBY: Hi guys. So nice to write with you here. Have known about your music for a while now, and like what I heard. This chat seems to be a good way to learn a bit more about the band and your work. So tell me, which members am I writing with today and where are you hanging out while replying?

The Britanys: Hey! You’re chatting with Steele, Lucas II, Jake, and Lucas I – We’re hanging out in our rehearsal space / Lucas II’s bedroom.

AMBY: And how are you, by the way?

The Britanys: We’re doing well!

AMBY: I had a look on your website and noticed the 24/7 chat forum you have with fans there. What a great thing! It might be a challenge, but I will try to come up with some unanswered questions here… Let’s see… What has actually been one of your favorite questions to receive on the website?

Steele: It’s always fun when people ask us things about our favorite albums or bands. One asked us to rank our favorite Libertines songs and another asked us to pick a few favorite artists decade by decade. Those are always fun ones!

Lucas I: ”Love your guitar tones. Please gimme all your gear info. Now.”.. Pretty sure that was meant as a compliment. Also in my top three.

Jake: We only shred on Line 6 insane mode.

AMBY: I know that you have just been in a studio to record an EP. How did that go? Do you already got a title and release date we can know about?

Lucas II: It was a ton of fun! We recorded with Jonathan Schenke, who worked with The Drums and Parquet Courts in the past, and it was a great experience. We recorded on to tape and tracked everything live, so we’re really pleased with how it sounds. We’re still working on a title and revising/revisiting some of the songs, but it should be out between January and February!

Lucas I: We’re Taking Off.. haha… Light of Speed, Light. Of. Speed?…. Parachutes ..  Re-record everything as Coldplay covers, haha (Not seriously).. I guess that’s a solid ‘don’t know what it’s going to be called yet’. We’re open to suggestions.

AMBY: What sort of things have inspired you lyrically for these tracks?

Lucas I: Lyrically, it was a picture of the person at the party who’s constantly looking over their shoulder waiting for the next best thing to come in.. Guess you can call that a social climber? You see that a lot here and something that’s been bothering me, I guess. We all worked at a bar in the city called Berlin over the summer and you see that a lot there, and I guess New York in general recently.. Not to make generalizations. Of course mix in relationships and day to day activity.

AMBY: And what have influenced you in the sound?

Lucas I: For the sound, it’s a mixture of three ideas: 1. The charm of a music box, 2. The feeling when you’re on a plane about to take off or driving very fast (not to be cliche) – Guess that can be brought down to inertia? – In a good way, not anxiety way, the ‘white knuckle effect’?.. White knuckle might be too intense, maybe somewhere in between… Its hard to describe without feeling cheesy… and then I guess, 3. The sort of realism that can be found in a Sofia Coppola film.

AMBY: While chatting about influences. What are your five favorite albums of all time?

Lucas I:

AC/DC – Highway To Hell

Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits

Any Smash Mouth album

NSYNC – No Strings Attached

Bon Jovi – Crush


Reh Dogg – Controlled Rage Unleashed

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue

311 – Live

Limp Bizkit – Greatest Hitz

Richard Wagner – Tristan und Isolde


Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin III

Danger Mouse – The Grey Album

Led Zeppelin IV

Lucas II:

Preoccupations – Self titled

Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect

The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

The Ink Spots – Retrospective

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

AMBY: Further on to your live performances, I haven’t got the chance to watch you perform yet, so what should be expected for your concerts?

Steele: Bad jokes, broken strings, premium shreddage.

Lucas I: Not as many broken strings anymore – *Knock on wood.

AMBY: Then last question in this round – when not working with music, what sort of other great skills can you guys show off?

Steele: As a band we’ve all gotten really into playing soccer. Jake and I play on a Sunday League team, and the rest of us get together and play as much as possible. Also, Lucas II is a star taco chef.

AMBY: Thanks for the answers here. Hope to catch up another time.

The Britanys: Thank you!


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Interview by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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