Exclusive Video Premiere: Pronto Mama – “Double-Speak”

Pronto Mama

It seems like groovy bands are popping out of Scotland on a daily basis, and we’re excited to introduce you to one you’re going to want to indulge in pronto: Pronto Mama. Today the Glaswegian sextet are making their AMBY debut as we premiere the psychedelic and colourful video for their single Double Speak.

Taken from their forthcoming debut record release Any Joy, Double-Speak flawlessly fuses jazzy rhythms and sophisticated rock and roll to create their distinctively fetching soul-pop. When asked about the video, drummer Martin Johnston shared with AMBY;

“‘Double Speak’ lay dormant for a while. Marc (singer) sent through a demo a couple of years ago, and we all loved it. The demo itself felt like a beautiful enigma, and none of us were really sure how to approach it – we didn’t want to ruin it. When it came to demoing and tracking the record, we were determined to have this song on the debut. It was one of the songs that we worked the hardest pre and post-production, and it’s really paid off. It still has elements of the original demo, retaining the darkness it first presented, but we still managed to leave the marks of a Pronto Mama song on it, and we’re all really proud of it.

Paul Wilkie (who directed our previous video) again manages to artistically exploit a Pronto Mama song, awakening a visual theme that we weren’t aware was present. The notion of duality is present throughout. The end graphic of the sun and the lightbulb split the video and song perfectly in my eyes. He continues to surprise me!”

Exclusively watch in Double-Speak on AMBY and follow updates from Pronto Mama below. Pronto Mama’s PledgeMusic page can be found here. Pronto Mama is Marc Rooney (vocals, guitar), Ciaran McEneny (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Michael Griffin (bass), Martin Johnston (drums), Alex Sharples (trumpet, keyboard), and Craig McMahon (trombone, keyboard, percussion). Any Joy is scheduled for release on May 5th via Electric Honey.


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