The Tour Manager’s Guide Podcast: Kev Jones (Bear’s Den)

Bear's Den

Please note that this is the last episode under the name The Tour Manager’s Guide. Next month we will return under the name Sugar High.

Bear’s Den are a folk rock duo from London, England. In the last four years they’ve gone from playing small club nights to headlining clubs and large theaters around the world.

Initially I wanted to interview the members together but I found their individual stories so interesting that I split them up. Today we sit down with co song writer, multi instrumentalist, and co founder of Communion Music Group, Kev Jones. I knew Kev’s story was interesting and filled with challenges but I had no idea what I was in for. He’s basically the Dos Equis guy, aka The Most Interesting Man In The World. He went from dedicated jazz student, to homeless jazz musician, to studying drums in west Africa, to homeless folk rocker, to label executive that cruises around in a tour bus. It’s awesome and inspiring.

This episode is about Kev Jones, but it is also an abridged history of the mid 2000’s west London folk scene. A scene that touched or somehow involved bands like The Vaccines, Mumford and Sons, Matthew and the Atlas, Catfish and Bottlemen, Daughter, and many more.

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