Who is Sizzla?


One of the most successful reggae artists producing music today, Sizzla is a true legend of the reggae world and has, to date, released more than 70 solo albums, making him also one of the most prolific. So just who is Sizzla, where did he come from and what inspires his incredible musical output? Keep reading to find out more.

Early life

Sizzla was born to devout Rastafari parents who were part of the Bobo Ashanti movement and who lived in Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica. The movement was one which advocated the use of cannabis as well as repatriation to Africa, and Sizzla formally adopted the practices of the Bobo Ashanti in his twenties.

As a youngster, Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins) studied mechanical engineering at school, but his true passion lay with music.

While the dancehall movement exploded in popularity, so too did certain lifestyle choices in which Sizzla did not wish to partake; these included drugs, guns and vulgarity, so Sizzla began developing his own musical style whilst serving an apprenticeship with the Caveman Hi-Fi system.


Musical influences

Sizzla’s first release was through the Zagalou label in 1995, and an extensive touring schedule enabled him to become a well known name on the island’s music scene.

In 1995, Sizzla also made links with several people who would go on to influence his music indelibly – these included the Jamaican saxophonist Dean Fraser and Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrell. The collaborations which Sizzla had with these artists led to a run of successful singles, and eventually Sizzla’s first album, Burning Up.

A series of hit singles followed including Black Woman & Child and Like Mountain, which propelled Sizzla into the mainstream and helped to kick start a time of incredible productivity for him, during which he put out a large number of singles, many of which were very successful.

As his fame grew, Sizzla was nominated for his first MOBO award as Best International Reggae Artist of the Year and his album, Praise Ye Jah, featured on many album of the year lists and reviews.

Since then Sizzla has continued his prolific output, releasing albums at a rate of several per year and featuring regularly in the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart and has also led a movement encouraging those in the reggae community to return to rastafarian values including spirituality and social consciousness.

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