Review + Photos: The Hunna @ The Barrowlands – Glasgow

The Hunna

On the 30th of April, The Barrowlands hosted The Hunna and welcomed a large crowd to listen to them on their 2017 tour. With two support bands playing, the night had plenty of music with Kovic kicking off the night prior to Coasts getting the crowd shouting right before The Hunna began playing which turned the crowd from shouting to screaming.

With Kovic coming on first, they had to make an impression, the impression I got was that an extremely talented band were overcompensating for having less of a name and being first to the stage. The band played so well and the lead singers voice was incredible but I simply didn’t enjoy them because it was just too loud! Now I may seem like an old man saying that but I literally couldn’t enjoy or even understand what they were playing because everything was being blasted. Although, the crowd did seem to like them and recognise several of their songs. For a band who only created a Facebook page on the 6th January and have over 33,000 likes it isn’t a surprise that the audience knew them. Plus, they share a label with The Hunna and it is clear that a social media presence is crucial to the band and the label. A very modern look on music and an effective way to blend creative and corporate talent.

Next up on the bill were Coasts, a band formed in Bristol 6 years ago. With a great image and great sound this band was an obvious choice for support. Lead singer Chris Caines sported a tasselled leather jacket making him look like quite the rock star, and the rest of the band didn’t look too band either. Their performance really thrilled the audience, hyping them up for what was to come. With their biggest hit ‘Oceans’ reaching 8 million plays on Spotify and reaching the audience inside the Barrowland Ballroom, giving them a special performance it is no surprise that they have a monthly listener base of near 400,000. This band has an audience and I am truly excited to see where they go from here.

Then came the big guns, The Hunna. An interesting entrance with one band member at a time joining the stage until last but not least, lead singer Ryan Potter greeted the amped up crowd by singing ‘Never Enough’. He also greeted us with an extensive haircut, making him look older and more like the front man of a huge indie band. From that point on the crowd was in a frenzy. Song after song was accompanied by almost the full crowd causing mayhem, particularly numbers such as Bonfire, a song that ‘blew-up’ when the band first entered the Indie scene now standing with almost 8 million plays on Spotify. Other songs such as ‘We Could Be’ and ‘Rock My Way’ encouraged this mayhem with such catchy choruses it’s obvious why. The only time any ‘non-moshers’ got some piece was when ‘Sycamore Tree’ was played, this gave the crowd a sense of calm and unity, a song that shows some variety in The Hunnas album.

I have seen The Hunna play more than once. First at King Tuts, then Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, and now at The Barrowlands. I have seen talent at all of them, but the one issue with this band for me is that they seem to put on a similar show each time. Now I understand not everyone has seem them three times but I feel that if anyone who has been a fan of The Hunna for as long as me, would expect to see something different in eighteen months.

Regardless, there is no doubt that they provide good music to a large audience who made it clear at the Barrowland Ballroom that they wanted to ‘rock their way with’ some well preformed music and a great night.



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Photos by Calum Buchan (@calum_buchan) | Review by Owen Meldrum

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