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Hey Violet

I hadn’t heard much about Hey Violet before their gig at Sound Control in Manchester apart from that they had supported 5SOS on tour and gained a mass of fans from it. What captured me was their performance, it was constantly hyperactive filling the small Manchester venue with squeals of excitement from a crowd who did not want the night to end.

The LA fivesome clearly know how to grab their fans’ interests both on social media and during live shows as every member of the crowd was hanging on the edge of every word.  Frontwoman Rena Lovelis was constantly engaging with the audience talking about Manchester, Britain, and band trivia.

Their set was brilliant too, filled with energetic and very time-appropriate songs which were extremely relatable. Opener Brand New Moves was incredibly groovy and got the Manchester pilgrims swaying their heads in enjoyment. This was the first chance for Lovelis to demonstrate her wonderful vocals which were incredibly captivating throughout. Another one of my highlights was the wonderful My Consequence which paired a super catchy riff with touching lyrics to make a really beautiful song.  The start of Hoodie had the fans screaming and singing along and this cemented it as a fan-favourite.

They even chucked in a cover of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran which led the crowd to go wild as soon as the opening notes were played. It seems that this is the classic song to cover at the moment and they certainly did it justice, albeit predictable. We then got into the final three songs of this relatively short set. Guys My Age really felt for me like the song that could do incredibly well in the charts, a tune which everyone would be singing in the summer months. The penultimate song was high energy All We Ever Wanted and finally Fuqboi seemed to rile the female strong crowd into one last motion of screaming, singing, and jumping.

This was a great showing from Hey Violet and I look forward to seeing them again.


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Review by Jack McCabe | @jmc2630

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