Gimme Your Answers 3: A Video Interview w/ Le Butcherettes

Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes is one of my favourite human beings on the planet. The more I have the pleasure of speaking with her, as this is our third interview after all, the more I realize how genuine and fun of a person she is. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s an honour to call such a powerful and inspirational woman my friend. In this AMBY video, I met up with Teri during her latest stop through Toronto while on tour with At the Drive In. Dive into our conversation as we discuss metal songs, amazing home-cooked meals, feeling like a freak, cursing a ton, and the Crystal Fairy supergroup with Omar Rodríguez-López and The Melvins.

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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