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A few years ago my cousin called and asked if I’d meet with his friends that’d recently graduated from Berklee School of Music. Reluctantly I headed over to a cafe in Brooklyn and sat down with Holly and Jess from Lucius. At the time they were two unsigned artists hustling a homemade record around town. No label. No tours. Nothing. Not much came from our meeting but I did walk away impressed with their tenacity.

Cut to like, maybe a year later and I started seeing Lucius posters everywhere on tour. I dug a little deeper and found out that they’d been signed by Mom + Pop and released their record to critical and commercial success. Duets with Jeff Tweedy emerged, they played ACL, and firmly cemented themselves in the American indie music world. Seemingly, they accomplished the goals they’d laid out in that meeting and their career has been interesting to me ever since. I decided that I had to get them on the show.

SO, Holly and Jess were kind enough to sit down with me in Los Angeles to discuss what in god’s name they did after that meeting, the grind in NYC, and where their career goes from here. This was a lot of fun. Thanks to my cousin Michael for the introduction.

Lucius just released a single titled Million Dollar Secret and will be performing with Roger Waters in his band this year.

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