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Since dropping out of high school in 2003 Jennifer Clavin has been involved with one cool punk project after another. Beginning as the singer for underground heroes Mika Miko, followed by a stint drumming for Best Coast, she eventually went off the grid and started her current and most successful project, Bleached.

I didn’t want this episode to be about women in punk bands. It’s a foregone conclusion she’s been asked about that a quarter of a million times but I, like every other journalist that interviewed her, couldn’t resist.

Since starting this podcast I’ve become interested in why there aren’t more bands comprised of women. Obviously Jennifer doesn’t have the the whole answer but she articulated some interesting thoughts on the matter and I’m glad I had her on. But it still makes me wonder. Why do people always bring it up? Why did I?

A few weeks ago I cruised over to her house outside Pasadena to drink La Croix, talk about the seducing world of punk rock, and figure out why the members of Mika Miko, a band with so much promise decided to call it quits.

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