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As many of you know I spent 22 – 29 on the road as a tour manager. Many of the guests I have on my show are friends from this long and harrowing experience. Although there are many great stories from this time, one in particular stands out. It’s a story that involves a bassist in an iconic Australian band, a family of strippers, extra tight jeans, and a desperate attempt to save a body part.

My co host / co storyteller for this episode is Australian bassist, Tim John. A man with two first names that eventually became one of my best friends and party companion for three years. At one point we lorded over a mansion owned by Sour Patch, another time we wrestled in front of fans outside our tour bus in Kansas City, but this time was different. This was a race against time A race to save everything that is important to a man.

Some of you may hate this episode. It’s different from everything else I release as it’s just a story. Normally our show features artists telling the story of their artistic life but this time one night was enough.

Ladies and gentleman without further adue, I give you, The Greatest Tour Story Ever Told AKA Raging Ball.

Last thing. If you are curious as to why Tim John left the Griswolds, it’s a long story that I have recorded. Go sign up for my mailing list. Do it right now and later this month I will email you the first half of this episode. The one where he explains what happened with the band. I’d like to apologize to my mom in advance for this episode.

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Piece by Danny Carissimi

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