The best food blogs to follow in 2017


One of the hardest parts of keeping up a delicious and healthy diet can be to find new sources of inspiration, we often stick to our favourite websites, magazines or blogs (or even worse thumb through old recipe books to rehash the same ideas). Here are a few blogs that are guaranteed to spark some life into your kitchen and renew your love for creative recipes.

Naturally Ella

Naturally Ella is a blogger who features wholefood, vegetarian recipes dictated by season. What is great about Naturally Ella is that the writer, Erin Alderson, does not come off particularly preachy, as some vegan writers can be. She is not obsessive or strict, and does not condone calorie counting.

In fact, we could probably all take a leaf from Erin’s philosophies, it is usually to simply exercise often and be mindful of what you are putting in your body – definitely a philosophy I can get behind. The meals on Naturally Ella always require a bit of prep so keep that in mind.

Sassy Kitchen

Another blogger that could go the way of preachy, but manages to avoid it brilliantly. Sassy Kitchen is primarily a gluten free blog, and as the rise of gluten intolerant people in the population (along with people who claim to be so), so Sassy Kitchen’s popularity has exploded too.

It’s not only gluten free recipes in Sassy Kitchen however, you can pick from dairy free, vegetarian and vegan too. Sassy Kitchen is a brilliant blog for inspiration when having friends over for dinner with tricky dietary requirements.

The Sassy Kitchen meals are perfect for dinner parties, or for batch creation to be stored in airtight containers and frozen or taken to work. is slightly different from the others touched upon here. The site flat out refuses to advertises any particular products, and focuses instead of giving a completely unbiased view on different products and research. Their team of medical experts analyse the facts on a variety of topics, from the health benefits of saturated fat to how often you should eat in one day.

In a world of fads and advertisements, examine, com is a breath of fresh air that allows to look at the facts and make decisions for ourselves. Something much needed when looking at which direction to take next in the kitchen.

From collapsible Tupperware ready over night meals, to lavish dinner party spreads, these blogs have everything. But it’s a saturated market and I’m sure there are many gems out there that I don’t know about – let us know your favourite blogs in the comments.

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