I’ve always been a music fanatic, which means that every holiday or event in my life usually has ties to music. AIR MILES have a fantastic program called AIR MILES Stage Pass which allows Collectors across Canada to use their Dream Miles towards some of the hottest concerts across Canada. On July second, I had the pleasure of heading down with AIR MILES to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday at Niagara-on-the-Lake 2017! The line-up was stacked, the sun was shining, and the AIR MILES onsite booth brought smiles to hundreds of faces — including yours truly!

Once I arrived to the show, I immediately walked over to the AIR MILES booth, which was hard to miss as it welcomed kids and adults alike with a bubble machine that exploded with giant bubbles, soaring their way throughout the venue.

I walked into the booth and the first thing they did was scan my AIR MILES Card to enter me into their AIR MILES #PickYourStage Contest, a contest that not only sends you to live shows but also lets you get Miles! This contest is super easy to enter and there’s three simple ways to do it; Collectors go online, share their favourite Canadian music moment, and that enters them into a giveaway where Collectors can win a trip for four to any Live Nation show in 2018 along with 25,000 AIR MILES!

I then went straight for the smile booth, a photo booth-like game which scanned my card and took a cute photo of me, and in return gave me a prize. There were t-shirts, bandanas, and other goodies and I ended up with an adorable tee.


Next up was the smile pit. Now, I know you might be asking yourself “what’s a smile pit, Alicia?” I’d sum it up in two words: pure amusement. AIR MILES brought a massive ball pit with them that was amazing. I haven’t been in a pit since I was a little one, but I kept noticing all of these adults having the times of their lives in this sea of colourful balls, so I knew I had to give it a go – as you can see from the photo above, it was totally the highlight of my day.

AIR MILES are bringing their Collectors, thousands of music fanatics, closer to the music they love and have awesome surprises at the shows on top of that just for having a card. The atmosphere of the entire day was joyous and the music was stellar, but I genuinely have to say that one of the most memorable moments for me was having fun with AIR MILES. Then again, I’m a sucker for a fun time and nicely designed free t-shirt! If you’re not a Collector yet, I’d get on it -get on it! – especially before the contest ends!

-AA x

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