Review: Depeche Mode @ Telia Parken – Copenhagen

The band started up back in the 80’s, and they are definitely still going strong now 37 years later with a grand world tour and a most convincing sound on their latest album ”Spirit”. We went to cover one of the first shows on the current ”Global Spirit Tour” with Depeche Mode, and we totally get why the fans loved it. Follow along to read much more about the show and check out the bunch of colorful photos we took there.

Depeche Mode was welcomed to Telia Parken Arena in Denmark like none other than royalty at a special festive occasion. There was a big buzzing sound long before the show was about to begin, and the cheers only got louder and louder as the audience counted down the minutes to showtime. There was expressed glittering anticipation and a great mood already. It didn’t took much time either, before the crowd went into huge singalongs that kept the songs on and on. The about 44, 000 people strong, massive, choir had a goosebump chilling factor and left a proud accomplished feeling. Both the older verses and choruses from the new album ”Spirit” seemed to have affected the loyal fans around me, to a fact that they knew every single line by heart.

The popular Brits did earn a spot on this majestic throne with their charismatic live presentation of the relatable heavy lyrics, melodic synth drops and powerful electro-rock. Andy Fletcher led the keys in the back like the mystic synth master he is, Martin Gore kept his focus on the guitar on the side of the stage and went ahead to lead the vocals with a fresh attitude from time to time, while Dave Gahan unfolded his strong live vocals and best posing moves with a loose theatrical charm in the front. A set of screens surrounded the band with diverse graphic decorations and the many fine visuals supported the songs to a playful perfection, while shifting between almost overwhelming splash of colors and curious flirts with shadow.

One of their biggest hits is ”I Just Can’t Get Enough” – and we couldn’t. Another hit says ”Enjoy the Silence”, but it turned out quite difficult to follow those lyrics all literally at the show, as we rather felt like celebrating the moment for it’s beautiful shades, great sound, and warm spirit. You actually got a good chance of reaching one of their shows too, as ”The Global Spirit Tour” moves on to North America in August, followed up by performances in South America and then back around the main parts of Europe and UK for a second tour leg in the late fall. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy these shows as well.



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Review by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

One thought on “Review: Depeche Mode @ Telia Parken – Copenhagen

  1. I’m so sad I didn’t manage to see DM this summer. But fortunately, they are coming back to Europe in just a few months.

    I really believe that during “I Just Can’t Get Enough” you really couldn’t get enough of it! The band never gets old. And we, fans, we never get bored of their music.

    Great shots. I’m sure you have great memories too.

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