4 Reasons I Fell in Love with Asheville

Beer Garden

Over the summertime, I had the absolute delight of visiting Asheville – a beautiful, charming city located in North Carolina. I knew it would be a fun place to visit but never thought I could fall in love with somewhere so easily, but Asheville absolutely swept me off my feet. Dive into the list below as I share the 4 Reasons I Fell in Love with Asheville.


Breweries Galore

Beer garden

Going into this trip, I knew this city was known for having some amazing tastemakers, but I truly didn’t know the extent. You can be anywhere in Asheville and within a ten minute drive find a brewery. They. Are. Everywhere. Now I’m not the biggest drinker but that was the beauty of discovering all of these different breweries; I had so many options between what was on tap and the diverse flights so I’d find myself testing out all these different flavours and actually came across some I ended up liking a lot. Totally found out I am not a fan of hops though!

The Music

Music is incorporated into every aspect of this city, quite literally; any restaurant I went to had live music, each store I visited was blasting music that the shop owners loved, and practically every other street I walked on had joyful buskers. Some of my favourite gems were the Guitar Bar where you can swing by to catch some local artists performing, All Go West Festival (the festival I was ranting about that turned a gas station into a concert stage!), and the throwback hidden speakeasy (in which I can’t share the name of, but trust me, if you come across this place it is AMAZING). Music is in the air in Asheville and I even found myself at times enjoying music that I’m not a huge fan of genre-wise, simply because everyone is there to have a good time and just enjoy being with one another. Which leads me to my next point…

Southern Hospitality

Everyone is so nice in this city. I know how direct of a sentence that is, but it’s so true. There’s this bizarrely pleasant vibe in the air – let me explain it a bit more for you. Every morning I would start my day by walking around downtown to grab a bite to eat and would find myself constantly conversing with random strangers. It’s not that I don’t do this in my hometown of Toronto, but it was so effortless in Asheville. I’d be walking around, people would smile back at me, and we’d have these random and genuine conversations about our mornings. It was the best feeling and I always had a wonderful start to my day there.

Staying Local


It felt like I was in this magical world when exploring Asheville where I didn’t see any brand names or typical marketing thrown my way. When it comes to their downtown shopping – which, by the way, is a bunch of older historic-looking buildings that expand over a few streets – there are only two big-name stores in that aren’t locally owned. I found out that the residents of the city actually fought for those two stores to not even be located downtown as it disrupts the culture and pride they have of being so locally-oriented. It’s just another thing that makes Asheville so unique.

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