Top 3 Tech Gadgets For Your Listening Pleasure


Are you looking for a few new tech gadgets for that precious time each day that you devote to listening to your favorite music? There has never been a better time to search for gear and accessories to enhance your musical enjoyment. Leaders in the tech industry have their finger on the pulse of both the music industry and ardent music fans, anticipating new trends and the gadgets to support them. So, now it is up to you to decide what essential tech accessories you need to enrich your musical enjoyment, whether on the train, in your car, in your office cubicle or in your comfortable living room.

If you are at a loss for where to begin your search for new musical accompaniment — whether you are unsure where to begin, or you feel overwhelmed by the choices — we have generated a list of our three favorite tech gadgets to add to your collection to make music come to life.

Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones

Athletes of all kinds out there who work up a sweat each day will love these headphones. It doesn’t get much worse than being two miles into a 12-mile long run and noticing a crackle that soon turns to silence. But with all the well-earned sweat, that sometimes happens to traditional headphones. Thankfully, the Powerbeats2 wireless headphones were designed to withstand your workout schedule and all the perspiration that comes with it. These wireless headphones are sweat-resistant and water-resistant, so even a little rain won’t cause any issues. Best of all, you get six hours of playback per charge, so you can connect to your smartphone and go.

The Archer Vinyl Record Player

No matter how quickly time zooms forward, some people need to occasionally take a trip down memory lane. Then there are others — regardless of age or generation — for whom vinyl is simply a matter of taste and texture. Fortunately, Electrohome, a 100-year-old consumer electronics brand, decided to make it easier for vinyl fans to get their thrills without having to trudge through old thrift stores looking for a questionable second-hand, or even third-hand, turntable. One great feature that helps bridge the tech gap for traditional the vinyl lover is the fact that you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your Archer vinyl record player via the player’s auxiliary input. If you love the rich sound of a needle skimming over grooves of classic jazz or the latest independent rock release, the Archer is for you.

The MacBook Pro

Sure, there are other laptop choices for music composers out there, but the MacBook Pro edges out all the competition when it comes to creative projects. With an i7 Quad-core that features 16 gigabytes of RAM, you can produce your own professional-grade sonic masterpiece from your own living room or while on-the-go. Transfer your spontaneous innovations captured on your smartphone’s voice recorder while away from your Pro, and your studio is complete. Become a one-person production team when you record, edit and produce your own film score and more.

Considering using this list as a launchpad for your exploration of new ways to get more out of each musical experience.

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